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About Seth

Seth J. Okun began his career in 1984 as a Podiatric Surgeon by founding the Ankle & Foot Centers of Tampa Bay. He practiced Podiatric Medicine and Surgery for almost 25 years when he decided to switch careers and pursue his passion for the financial markets by becoming a financial advisor. “Whether you’re treating medical patients or giving financial advice you must first and foremost listen to people, determine their needs and recommend the appropriate course of action. In that respect, the two fields are not that different.”

Today, Seth is a dedicated professional in the technical aspects of the markets. His pursuit of technical analysis began earnestly after he took a seminar at a local Tampa hotel in 1990 with famed investor and founder of the Investors Business Daily, William O’Neil. “The Gulf War was about to erupt and there was quite a bit of tension in the air. Bill O’Neil was showing us stock chart patterns that were about to break our of cup and handle bases. I was apprehensive to invest in the stock market in front of a possible war but after Bill explained how these chart patterns represent weeks of accumulation and that the stock market had already discounted the impending war, I decided to take the plunge. The war officially broke out on a Wednesday night after the close of the markets and was over before the market open the very next day. Needless to say, many of the stocks gapped up that morning and I have been hooked on technical analysis ever since.”

Seth quickly turned from the equity markets to the futures markets as he realized that the futures markets are especially suited for technical analysis and shorter term trading. He has been following the futures markets for the last twenty years. “In that time I have come to realize that the typical 60:40 portfolio (of equities to bonds) for long term investors approaching retirement may not be the best asset allocation model going forward. With interest rates so low and volatility returning to the markets, I do not believe that bonds will provide the necessary buffer to the stock market. I do believe that managed futures will become an important alternative asset class for qualified investors because it can provide the uncorrelated returns to equity markets. In addition, managed futures are liquid and transparent.  In that regard, I am excited to be with Foremost Capital Management as the Miller family brings many years of experience and integrity to the field.”

Seth resides in Tampa, Florida with Susan, his wife of over forty years. They have two married children and enjoy being doting grandparents. In their free time, Seth and Susan enjoy traveling to New York City to visit their daughter, son in law and three adorable grandchildren or to Las Vegas to see their son and daughter in law. Besides traveling together, Seth also enjoys entertaining friends, reading, playing chess and daily workouts at the gym.

Seth J. Okun | 630-485-2100 Ext.525 | Seth@ForemostCM.Com

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