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About Colson

My name is Colson Hauser. Thanks for visiting Foremost Capital! I came to Foremost in May of 2009 after graduating from Wheaton College. Before Foremost, I worked at XR Trading, LLC – a proprietary futures trading firm in Chicago. My wife, Sarah, and I live in Batavia with our three kids. If you found me outside the office, I would be likely serving at our local church, surveying the local craft beer scene, or walking with our kids down the Fox River Trail. Little known fact about me: since playing on Wheaton College’s club team, I have a deep love for Ultimate Frisbee.

What do I do at Foremost Capital?

My role at Foremost Capital is to help people understand and implement managed futures strategies. I spend my hours researching Commodity Trading Advisors and their strategies so I can communicate their potential benefits to investors. As a separate asset class, we strongly feel it’s best to view Managed Futures and it’s performance in relation to everything else in your portfolio. Managed Futures can be a great alternative in addition to stocks and bonds, but like everything will eventually fail if you’re seeking the elusive holy grail of investments. Because of this, understanding the various facets of risk is essential to the philosophy of managed futures implementation.

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What convinced me that Managed Futures is worth a career?

After graduating in December 2008, I walked into the real world. You will remember that the employment and economic environment during that time and the following wasn’t exactly stellar. In fact, in many ways, the world hasn’t recovered from the “Great Recession.” It took stock prices almost exactly four years to make new highs (March ’09 – March ’13). When I learned that Managed Futures as an industry not only made money but posted a record year in 2008, then I knew there was something to it.

The more I research, the more I find data showing the potential benefits of Managed Futures when combined your traditional stocks and bonds. THIS CHART illustrates that point well. Naturally, we have to take into consideration the risk of these investments. The Commodity Trading Advisors that make up the industry are not all the same. As all investments, there will be times of loss. Therefore, understanding how to measure and incorporate appropriate risk into your portfolio is an equally essential task.

Even if you’re just browsing, I encourage you to give me a call. We make it our business to know Managed Futures in and out. We all want better performing investments, but that road starts with education.

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“Meet Colson Hauser of Foremost Capital in Geneva”

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Broker Testimonials:

I have held accounts with Foremost Trading for a number of years and value the diversity these investments contribute to my overall portfolio. The relationship I maintain with this company is not of the “auto-pilot” variety. I stay with Foremost because of its people and their emphasis on ethical business practice. My account contact, Colson, checks in about investment performance and opportunities that might be a good fit for me. He responds promptly and courteously whenever I contact him with a question. When a crisis hit the industry (the PFG calamity), the Foremost team, victims themselves, put their clients first with timely, helpful communications and assistance. Whether they know it or not, the Foremost business philosophy is to treat each client as if he or she is the only client.

-Betty C.

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