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About Chuck

Chuck Kowalski started his career in the futures markets in 1994 trading, advising clients, and educating traders. Today, Chuck is a branch manager for Foremost Trading. Chuck helps clients meet their goals in the futures markets with Managed Futures products and supporting individual traders with a high level of service.

His interest in the investment markets began in grade school while paper trading the Dow Jones stocks from the local newspaper. His fascination in the markets grew when he opened his first investment account in college trading stocks and options. He went on to receive degrees in finance and economics from Florida State University leading to a career path in the commodity and futures markets.

Early in his career, Chuck spent over seven years advising several hundred clients on futures trading as a broker. While trading on his own, he also consulted, over twenty years, for several startup technology companies. Chuck studied and/or traded nearly every US futures market; he both developed and used tailored strategies as well. In 1999, Chuck created to help educate traders and served as the exclusive Commodities Guide on (now for more than five years.

Today, as an avid reader, Chuck keeps a large library of investment and trading books; as a prolific writer, he publishes analyses on the markets for many investment and futures websites.

Chuck often considers the fundamentals in his research, but technical analysis is at the core of his trading strategies. Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of many of these technical trading strategies and algorithms guides his evaluation of CTAs. He believes that to best advise clients on the proper CTA or portfolio of CTAs, he must understand the CTAs trading methodologies and how they will fit within a client’s overall investment portfolio.

With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, Chuck refined his approach to advising clients on their investment and trading needs. For traders, he helps create investment strategies based on the experience levels and their goals, knowing managing risk is imperative to success and growth.

For those who do not wish to become active traders, but recognize the value of the futures markets, Chuck often recommends investing funds in Managed Futures. These accounts are managed by professional traders with established track records. Not every CTA is alike, thus each needs to be chosen wisely.

In his free time, Chuck enjoys many outdoor sports like biking, hiking, fishing, the beach and regular workouts. He has an 8 year old daughter who has become obsessed with riding horses.

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