Managed Futures For Portfolio Diversification

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Managed Futures 101

Managed Futures is another tool in your alternative investments toolbox.  We feature over 300+ professional traders in our database, each with their own performance strategy ranging from conservative to aggressive and may be in any of several futures markets. Accounts are individualized and segregated, not pooled like a fund.

Managed Futures

Diversification Theory

We believe that a well-diversified investment portfolio should include a portion of alternative investments that have a low correlation to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other traditional investments. The best alternative investment choice, in our opinion, is Managed Futures.

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Relationships Built on Integrity

Our firm’s strength comes from integrity and experience. Ethics are a cornerstone. Collectively, for 50+ years, the Principals have been in the business—that’s a lot of experience to share with brokers, staff and of course, YOU. Foremost Capital Management is family-owned and operated which means YOU get the personalized service you want.

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Specialists to Match Your Investment Style

Foremost Investment Specialists have the expertise to help YOU learn about, select, and even combine programs and managers that fit your risk and objectives profile. You have the choice to select your own specialist or we are happy to select one for you.

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In February 2018 we wrote a blog on AG Capital Investments, LLC.  You can read it here: We recently asked AG Capital Investments, LLC if they could give us a programmatic and performance update covering the Discretionary Global Macro program for 2019. This is what they had to share: 2019…

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