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Michele Santilli became a futures broker in October 2008 after a 20-year career in the world of Decorative Art. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a Dance major, the University of Minnesota as a vocal major, College of DuPage for Interior Design, and has taken various master classes with European Decorative Painters. of Having worked in the field as an independent contractor for both commercial and residential clients, and as a teacher, she has developed life-long relationships with her clients, students, and colleagues from all around the world.

Prior to coming to Foremost, she founded and directed an International School of Decorative Art, dedicated to elevating the level of expertise of the North American decorative painters to the European standard. Michele also taught courses at the College of DuPage, the University of Michigan, and the Smithsonian Institute.

How did she go from art to commodities?

Michele had always wanted to know more about the various markets and knew she was missing out on something. So, when she was presented with the opportunity to learn more about alternative investments and knew that she could help others to do the same she jumped in with both feet.

Joining the Foremost team was a natural progression for Santilli. Clients trusted her and she was referred by their friends, which sustained her business. The fact that Bob Miller, Principal of Foremost, has had clients who started with him over 30 years ago speaks volumes to Santilli. She has observed the mutual trust and respect he enjoys with them and feels blessed to be “under the wing” of this family-run business that walks in integrity. As a teacher, (it takes one to know one) Bob generously invests his time with not only his clients but with the team as well. His willingness to share his lifetime of acquired knowledge and experience helps to make Michele a better broker for her clients.

Michele’s passion for teaching translates easily for her into the futures arena. She has the patience for and enjoys the learning process. All your questions are important to her, as well as your concerns. She values relationships developed over time and appreciates the trust that her clients have expressed they have. It takes real trust to build a well-diversified portfolio because individual goals, objectives and often, weak areas are shared.

Michele would like to invite you to give her a call to get acquainted. She not only work with clients who are seasoned traders, but also those whose only experience in futures consists of watching the movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd (She loves that movie!).

There’s a huge learning curve to trading commodities and futures and Santilli wants her clients to enter into trading a particular program or strategy with a full understanding of the risks as well as the rewards.

Futures can be intimidating proposition!

If you’ve ever traded on your own or just tried to get a handle on the “lingo”, trading futures can be very intimidating to beginners.

If so, you may want to consider looking into Managed Futures, which is Michele’s main focus. Managed Futures programs allow you to rely on the experience and expertise of a professional trader called a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) who will trade on your behalf at their discretion. She has personally invested with a CTA. We have hundreds of CTAs available to us, which Michele reviews on a regular basis.  She currently holds her Series 3 and Series 30 (Manager’s) licenses.

Have you ever considered trading in an IRA account?

Michele is married and has raised two sons and knows first-hand about the challenges of affording what it costs to keep a family running, while also planning for retirement. She understands about trading futures in IRA accounts as its part of your personal plan.

If you felt the sting of the stock market crash of 2008, you may want to explore investments that don’t correlate with stocks. Experiencing those losses in her 401(K) made her realize even more the absolute necessity of being well diversified in order to reach our retirement goals of finding a nice piece of land near some body of water somewhere. She has now found her treasure…20 acres on top of a mountain in the Arkansas Ozarks!

A few of Michele’s interest are music, traveling and still paint on occasion, participating in an International Gathering of Decorative Artists, which is held in a different country each year. Gardening and cooking are part of her love for good food.

She believes there’s nothing like a ride on a motorcycle to let the wind blow off the stresses of life or better yet doing a puzzle or reading a book with your grandchild, of which she has two.

Michele looks forward to meeting you and hearing about your interests, background, and goals.

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Broker Testimonials:

When I first started trading Futures, I had the good fortune of having Michele assigned as my broker. As you can imagine a new trader has lots of odd questions and special needs; I was no exception. Michele graciously guided me along the way so I could “stand on my own.”

Through my success and failures as a self-directed trader, she has always been my aid, someone I could always count on. Over the years in talking about goals and objectives, I’ve come to know Michele beyond the confines of trading not only as my broker whom I trust, but as a woman who sees the world with the eyes of an artist, a gracious companion for the journey, and a friend. I thank God for Michele’s support of my trading endeavors.

-Steve J. 


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