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Demystify Managed Futures: CTA Tear Sheet

May 26, 2017

CTA Tear Sheet There are many ways to approach the topic of managed futures. It’s certainly important to know things like history, benchmarks, trading strategies, etc. From a practical standpoint though, most investor’s first experience with managed futures is seeing a CTA tear sheet. A CTA tear sheet is a…

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Salona Capital Shows Low-Volatility Style

September 14, 2016

Trading, Salona Style… At Foremost Capital Management we continuously look for opportunities to offer our clients. We look for investment options that can potentially provide our clients with good returns while maintaining minimal drawdowns and minimal swings. It is all too common for some traders to take longer, bumpier and…

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Spread Trading: GPAM

August 18, 2016

Foremost Capital Management connected with Gregory P. Asset Management (GPAM) and discussed their Seasonal Spread and Options Strategy program. Foremost likes the longevity and lower volatility of the program. Could be a great program to use in a portfolio of CTAs depending of course on the goals of the investor,…

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The Donald

September 3, 2015

Economy is headed to 40% Unemployment Rate Love him or hate him, The Donald is dominating the discussion and making us think. I won’t get into how he came up with that number or his politics but what does a 40% unemployment rate mean for our children, grandchildren, and ourselves?…

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Oil Price of $20 a Crude Joke?

March 26, 2015

Oil Takes a Fall A few months ago we provided a few charts showing the vast decline in oil in our post “Slippery Slope – Crude Oil Falls.” Since then, oil has continued it’s slippery fall to levels we haven’t seen since 2009. There is even talk of $20 oil….

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