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Qualified Eligible Persons

August 3, 2017

Who or What is a Qualified Eligible Person (QEP)? If you are around Foremost for any length of time, you will likely see a CTA tearsheet with a small label that says “Investment Restrictions: 4.7 Exempt – QEPs Only.” Who is a QEP and what is being restricted? A Qualified…

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6 Things We Look For in a CTA – Part 2/6

December 20, 2016

CTA Experience is our next criteria as we continue with 6 Things We Look for in a CTA. CTA Experience A track record is important. Analyzing statistics is essential. Because past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, the main qualitative question is – does this manager have the experience…

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6 Things We Look for in a CTA – Minimum Investment

December 5, 2016

Evaluating Minimum Investment By Colson Hauser, Investment Specialist and Bob Miller, Principal,  Foremost Capital As Managed Futures professionals, we take time to know our product.  Our reputation is built on our ability to understand and communicate the merits of managed futures for our clientele.  We take data points, which are neutral…

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Trading in Greece Volatility

July 22, 2015

The Drama: Greece and the European Union You’ve no doubt been following the drama surrounding Greece and the European Union. There is no new story here; we’ve written about it before. One day it seems like a promising deal will be made, the next it seems like the house of…

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