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Salona Capital Shows Low-Volatility Style

September 14, 2016

Salona Capital

Trading, Salona Style…

At Foremost Capital Management we continuously look for opportunities to offer our clients. We look for investment options that can potentially provide our clients with good returns while maintaining minimal drawdowns and minimal swings. It is all too common for some traders to take longer, bumpier and sometimes nauseating roads to provide investors with positive returns. We think Salona Capital aims to be one of those opportunities that has offered a relatively smoother road to risk-adjusted returns due to their steady returns and minimal volatility. Keep in mind that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Salona Capital is an emerging Trading Advisor which primarily utilizes short S&P 500 Index options to take advantage of market volatility and direction.  Weekly expirations are used to keep time to expiration at a minimum and to possibly reduce overall portfolio volatility. E-mini options can be used at times to hedge against extreme market movements. In our opinion, Salona Capital’s nimble trading style has kept drawdowns minimal, allowing investors to capitalize on market volatility.

Salona Capital’s Standard Stock Index -SSI and All Commodity Program ACP and ACP2 have provided investors with consistent gains and minimal drawdowns through, in our opinion, very volatile markets.  Since its inception in November of 2014, the SSI’s largest drawdown was -2.12% and longest drawdown recovery period two months.  Out of the 21 months of trading, the SSI has had four months of negative returns. During that same period it outperformed the S&P 500.

Foremost believes the inclusion of Salona Capital’s programs are a good choice when looking for an opportunity to add to a well-diversified alternative investment to your portfolio.

Salona Capital Performance Statistics – Foremost Capital Management

Salona Capital

Salona Capital SSI

Standard Stock Index – SSI 
Minimum Investment – $25,000
Nov 2014-Present
Peak to Valley Drawdown Mar 2015- April 2015 (-2.12%)
Annualized Compound ROR 8.15%
July 2016 0.76%
Cumulative Return 14.70%



Salona Capital

Salona Capital ACP2

All Commodity Program 2 – ACP2 
Minimum Investment – $25,000
Nov 2014-Present
Peak to Valley Drawdown Mar 2015- April 2015 (-1.96%)
Annualized Compound ROR 7.11%
July 2016 0.60%
Cumulative Return 12.78%



Salona Capital

Salona Capital ACP

All Commodity Program – ACP  
Minimum Investment – $100,000
Jan 2015-Present
Peak to Valley Drawdown Mar 2015- April 2015 (-2.15%)
Annualized Compound ROR 8.58%
July 2016 0.76%
Cumulative Return 13.93%


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