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Pete and Liz (P&L) Update – Demeter Livestock and Grain

March 30, 2017

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This week Pete and Liz take a look at Demeter Capital Management’s Livestock and Grain Trading Program – QEP Only:

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When Stock Indices Just Won’t Do, Look to Demeter Capital Management Livestock and Grain Trading Program *QEP Only* for a change of pace.

Demeter Capital Management Livestock & Grain Progrom

Demeter Capital Management Livestock and Grain QEP Only

The CTA we are looking at this week is Demeter Capital Management Livestock & Grain Trading Program *QEP Only* and here are a few reasons why we believe that you should too:

• 7+ years of live trading!
• Annualized compounded ROR (Rate of Return) currently at 10.31%
• Over $12 million in assets under management!
• This CTA is QEP Only
• Worst Peak to Valley Drawdown -20.92 (October 2010 – November 2010)
• Trading Meats and Agricultural products
• Currently up over 4+% for 2017
• Low margin to equity
• $50,000 minimum investment
• Notional funding permitted


Grab the Bull by the Horns and Check Out This Livestock/Grains Trader!

The opinions shared here are those of Pete and Liz and not necessarily Foremost Capital Management; these opinions are subjective and may change at any time.
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