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Eric Stewart started his real estate career in 1987. The Eric Stewart Group has completed more than 3,000 real estate transactions, placing Eric in the top 1% of Realtors® in the nation. With a comprehensive approach to marketing and a knack for negotiation, the Eric Stewart Group has built a reputation of trust and tireless persistence throughout the area. In addition to his community work, Eric has hosted a weekly real estate focused talk show on WMAL AM 630/105.9 FM, every Sunday since 2004.

In addition to his successful real estate career, Eric has also held a fascination with the markets and specifically futures. Eric started trading futures on his own in 1988. He saw the advantage of investing with futures due to their profit potential in not only bull markets but rather up, down, and sideways markets. Eric also recognized that managed futures as an index has one of the smallest drawdown rates among indices from the period 1/1990-8/2018 (see below chart and disclosures/disclaimers.) While an investor cannot invest in a managed futures index per se, and individual programs may have better or worse performance compared to an index, a diverse portfolio of managed futures certainly has merit in his opinion.

With the S&P still hovering near all time highs and correction around the corner in Eric’s opinion, the downside benefit cannot be ignored. While futures are not for everyone and not without risk of loss, Eric believes they are worth review. Additionally, futures have significant advantages in that they are very liquid, are generally non-correlated to traditional stocks and bonds, are globally diverse. Eric welcomes your questions about futures and specifically managed futures, please call him at his contact information.

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