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Presidential Election 2016 – A Trader’s Guide

November 8, 2016

Presidential Election 2016 – A Trader’s Guide Regardless of which candidate you prefer, we all agree, the presidential election 2016 season has been like no other. The adjective list includes: Underhanded, sly, dirty, exhaustingly trying, etc. Our responses: C’mon, seriously, What? Did he just say that? Did she just do that?…

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The iSystems Advantage: Leave the Limbic Out

May 19, 2014

iSystems Advantage iSystems is a Futures Auto-Trading System that is purely “mechanical” and completely computerized. These systems are commonly referred to as a “black box” or algorithmic trading systems based on computer software that takes a geeky trader’s logic without his limbic system. The limbic system, “emotional brain” is what…

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Bullish Volatility in Natural Gas

January 30, 2014

Natural Gas Futures This week has brought some tumultuous conditions in a variety of ways.  The stock indices have dropped to their lowest level in over a month.  Unseasonably cold temperatures have gripped most of the US.  This has caused much volatility in the energy complex.  Among the energy markets,…

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Discipline Vs. Willpower

May 10, 2013

The Translation of Discipline and Willpower You’ve heard it, and you know it but it still can taste like a bitter pill to the impatient, emotional or the unprepared. Discipline is designing the right environment to achieve the goals you have so that when events occur you’re ready with your…

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