Managed Futures For Portfolio Diversification

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2016 Asset Class

2016 Asset Class Timeline Table

2016 Asset Class Table

Asset Class Table

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Legend of Chart Definitions:

Chart Source

Large Cap = S&P 500

Small Cap = Russell 2000

Intl Stocks = MSCI EAFE

Emerging Markets = MSCI Emerging Markets

REIT = FTSE NAREIT All Equity Index

HG Bond = Barclay’s U.S. Aggregate Bond Index

HY Bond =BoAML US High Yield Master II

Cash= 3 Month T Bill Rate Managed Futures = SG CTA Index (formerly Newedge CTA Index)

AA = Asset Allocation Portfolio (15% Large Cap, 15% Intl Stocks, 10% Small Cap, 10% Emerging Markets, 10% REIT, 40% HG Bond

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